Technical and/or fun articles on personal projects relating to these sites, programming, and more


A directory view of public files, hosting a fair number of the other sites on this page

Diving Gallery

Scuba diving pictures organized into a tree structure by subjects' common names. Such as: anemone, fish, nudibranch, octopus, sponge

Diving Taxonomy

Scuba diving pictures organized into a tree structure by subjects' scientific classification. Such as: Arthropoda, Cnidaria, Mollusca


Pictures from around the region, town, and every day life


An overview of programming projects and results including the source for each of generated sites on this page


Realtime temperature, humidity, and internet latency information plotted at a variety of intervals

Diving Timeline

Scuba diving pictures organized into a timeline and by location

Diving Detective

Scuba diving picture identification game; identify a picture or choose the image for a name

Pirate Insults

Speak like a pirate while hurling insults at yer enemies


College Minecraft world map presented in a Google Maps-like zoomable interface

D&D Animate Objects

Web app for managing the Animate Objects Dungeons and Dragons 5e spell; choose number of objects, manage attacks, and damage

D&D Multiattack

Web app for managing multiple attacks in Dungeons and Dragons; where you define what the attacks are and how many there will be

Internal Websites


Internal websites not accessible on the WAN